Dear Students, our new website is under construction. Untill then you will be able to find all of the important information for You on this page.

Kind regards,

Monika Zovko
Office director

+ 387 36 / 445 - 488
University of Mostar, Campus in Rodoc
Faculty of Science and Education building
8:00 - 15:00, Monday to Friday

Office for Students with Disabilities was establish as a part of “Equal Opportunities for Students with Special Needs in Higher Education” project. EQOPP is a Project in the Framework of the TEMPUS Program, to improve access, fulfill needs and rights and enhance studying experience of students with special educational needs in all public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH).

Our goal is to improve access, fulfill needs and rights and enhance studying experience of students with special educational needs in all public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH).

Students with special needs are a heterogeneous group which includes students with:

  • movement disabilities
  • hearing impairment
  • visual impairment
  • specific learning disabilities
  • mental disorders
  • communication disabilities
  • chronic diseases
  • other problems which put students in unfavorable position relative to their collegues

Our goal

Our main goal is full integration of students with special needs in the system of high education at the University of Mostar. For that purpose, some of our activities are:

  • Counselling of students with special needs about planning and implementation of their studies
  • Support in everyday life and situations in which certain difficulties may appear (doing an exam, lodging issues, communication with collegues)
  • Giving insights and support directly in our Office and other facilities at the University (in person, by phone, email or website and printed brochures)
  • Giving access to assistive technology and counselling of academic and neacademic personell
  • Informing academic and neacademic personell of the influence of speciall needs on processes of learning and dependently accomodating those needs
  • Connecting and assuring social resources in better and more efficient support for studetns with special needs
  • Continuous informing of institutions at the University of Mostar about changes in legislature, as well as models of support for students with special needs
  • Discussion and evaluation of legal and other system-conditioned difficulties which relate to high education (eg. changing the law with purpose of better treating of persons with special needs)
  • Eliminating obstacles and ensuring equality through public service, eg. planning, organization and implementation of projects with purpose of improving the position of persons with special needs
  • Eliminating prejudices and establishing understandment of problems of persons with special needs from the aspect of students and personell
  • Establishing cooperation with partners: competent ministries, City of Mostar, students' associations and associations of people with disabilities as well as associations which serve people with disabilities

Regardless of the degree of their disability, students with special needs have the right to ask for individually adjusted exams and colloquia during their studies. Also, the Office is in possession equipment designed to help students with visual and hearing impairments which helps them to access the learning literature and enables them to keep track with the classess.

Registration form for students with special needs

Filling this form is the first step in realizing your rights. All of the information we get through this form are completely confidential and will be forwarded to the director of our Office with an exclusive purpose of identifying your disability and ensuring the required support. After you fill out the form you will be contacted soon. You should fill the form only once at any time of the academic year.